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We provide the finest and the most efficient methods and services for the elimination of harmful pests and disease-carrying vectors.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial areas such as hotels, schools, hospitals, industrial sites etc can also face serious problems because of these pests. These pests can not only ruin the reputation of a commercial area but also result in the loss of employees and customers. It is extremely important to take action against these pests at the right time. Removal of pests from commercial areas is not an easy task but JS Fumigation ensures the complete removal of these pests from the entire commercial site karachi pakistan.

We have expert and highly skilled workforce who thoroughly examines the work sites to detect the pests and then use effective treatments against them according to the needs and situation.

JS Fumigation Commercial Pest Control Package includes four year-round visits to the commercial sites, during which our staff will do a thorough check up and if any of the pests are found, then effective and environmental friendly chemicals will be used against them. For further inquiries regarding this service, contact us.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Residential Pest Control Services Karachi

JS Fumigation realizes the problems faced by the people in their homes because of pests such as cockroaches, termites, mosquitos, bed bugs etc. If no action is taken against these pests, then they can cause serious problems by accumulating in the house and also spreading certain diseases. Our team is always ready to fight these pests and take the necessary precautions against them. Removal of these pests is not an easy task but our staff is highly skilled in this field and has in-depth knowledge regarding these pests.

Whether they are hiding in the kitchen, the bathrooms or in any corner of the house, our staff will locate them and use effective treatments against them. JS Fumigation Residential Pest Control Package includes two visits of our staff to your residence per year. If in between visits, some pests come back due to weather changes or other reasons, the customers can call us and we will be there in no time to assist them without any additional charges. For more details regarding this service, feel free to contact us karachi pakistan.

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Bed Bug Fumigation Services Karachi

Bed bug is so named because it is found in close proximity of the bed. Bed Bugs feed on human blood while they are sleeping at night. If not taken care of at the right time, they can be a serious problem. Without the help of a professional, bed bug detection and removal can be a difficult task.

JS Fumigation offers bed bug fumigation services in Karachi pakistan, ensuring their complete removal from every nook and cranny. Our skilled staff locates them and takes the necessary actions against them, without causing any harm to you or your family.

bed bug fumigation karachi

Mosquito Fumigation Services

Mosquitos are one of the most harmful pests out there, responsible for carrying many diseases. If not taken care of, they can spread malaria, typhoid, dengue and many other diseases. It is very important to control the growth and spread of mosquitos. JS Fumigation uses the most effective methods to eradicate these disease-carrying vectors. Our professional staff uses good quality and environmental friendly chemicals for the removal of these pests that will not cause any harm to you or your family.

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Cockroach Fumigation Services

Cockroaches have become a serious problem for many people in Karachi. Due to their fast reproduction, they can accumulate in your houses and even the commercial areas such as hotels, schools, hospitals etc. JS Fumigation realizes the discomfort caused by these pests and takes the necessary steps for their removal. Due to our professional conduct, the people rely on us and our treatments. We provide relief to the people from the cockroach problem by using the required effective treatments.

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Termite Fumigation Services Karachi

Since the termites feed on wood, they can cause a great deal of damage to wooden structures present in your households and other areas. They are good at hiding themselves, as a result of which their presence remains undetected. In Karachi, the termite problem is increasing day by day. JS Fumigation is proud of its termite proofing services. We locate every possible hiding spots of the termites and eliminate them completely. The chemicals which are used by us are environmental friendly and of the best quality.

Rat Control Service

Rats are one of the most destructive pests of the food processing industries. They are responsible for carrying various food-borne diseases and if not taken care of, they can destroy the reputation of your business. JS Fumigation realizes what a big problem this is, so we offer rat control services for the elimination of these pests. Our team will carry out a thorough inspection and find the places from where the rats get in or where they live. We use the latest techniques for the killing of rats.

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Roof Waterproofing Services

Water leakage from the roofs of your house, rooms, washrooms etc is a common sight. If nothing is done about it then our entire house may get affected greatly. JS Fumigation also offers roof waterproofing services. Our staff solves this problem by applying chemicals over the affected area and ensures that these chemicals will not cause any further water leakage or other water-based problems. The chemicals used by us are of the best quality and they are effective in their work. To solve these water leakage problems, you can rely on us and our services.

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Water Tank Cleaning Service

Water tank cleaning service is essential for a healthy lifestyle, because if the water is infected with microbes such as fungi and bacteria, then it can cause potential health hazards and different types of diseases. JS Fumigation offers tank cleaning services for apartments, flats, offices, commercial and residential houses, factories etc. Our hardworking staff thoroughly cleans the tanks, removing the dust and microbes and makes sure that the water is clean. For health and cleanliness, you can rely on our services.

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